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Intelligence Programs

In today's changing world, the US Federal intelligence community is doubling its efforts to align organizational structures, and changing processes and policies to meet the needs of our nation's leadership. In addition, constantly changing mission requirements demand that vital information flow efficiently between agencies, without compromising security measures. Developing solutions for Federal and DOD Intelligence customers in this environment is a specialty practice that requires the highest level of security clearances, compliance requirements and an understanding of the importance of the mission of these organizations. Whether it is Services Oriented Architecture or Cross Domain Solutions, USIT's outstanding consultants provide all this and more.

All of USIT's Intelligence Practice consultants have distinguished careers in the Information Technology industry, with long experience in the Intelligence community, Federal Service, and/or the Department of Defense, which makes each an invaluable resource to USIT's intelligence customers. They have demonstrated the capability to provide customers with technology evaluations, architectural solutions, development of technical systems requirements, and program level white papers. USIT's Intelligence Practice consultants respond rapidly to senior management with technical analysis, consultation, planning, and assessments in time critical situations. USIT brings unique talent, agility, and value to its customers, clients and team partners.