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Remote Support Services

USIT offers remote DBA services as an alternative to hiring a full time, on-site DBA. Our certified Oracle DBAs are able to provide you with remote monitoring, notification, and corrective actions for a broad range of DBA functions.

Benefits from our remote database support services include:

  • Reduced database support costs
  • Continuous database uptime for your business critical systems
  • Reduced cost of hiring and training in-house DBAs
  • Overall reduced cost of ownership

USIT uses Oracle iDetect to remotely monitor, maintain, and respond to your database requirements. iDetect regularly monitors your database, diagnosing problems, and alerting us instantly. iDetect includes checks for space management, performance management, resource management, and fault management.

In addition, other remote DBA services USIT provides include:

  • Database security
  • Instance and session management
  • Schema object management
  • Tuning
  • Remote technical audits with recommendations
  • Certification and compatibility issues
  • Patch application
  • Fixes and patch logs

For more information on USIT Remote Support Services, see our data sheet here

Contact USIT to find out how using our Certified Oracle DBAs we can help you significantly reduce the cost of Oracle ownership today.

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